Tools and Beading supplies




TL-1000:  Husky 4.5 inch long nose pliers                                            $6        n33

TL-1001:  Diagonal Cutting Pliers                                                         $10      n25

TL-1002:  Flat nose Pliers                                                                    $10      n25

TL-1003:  Bent nose Pliers                                                                   $10      n25

TL-1004:  Round nose Pliers                                                                $10      n25

TL-1005:  Long nose pliers                                                                   $10      n25

TL-1006:  Plato Shears blue handle                                                      $12      n33

TL-1007:  Blue handle crimping Pliers                                                   $12      n25

TL-1008:  Plastic head Pliers                                                                $12      n25

TL-1009:  half round half flat nose pliers                                                $12      n25

TL-1010:  Red handle flat nose pliers                                                    $8        n25

TL-1011:  Red handle needle nose pliers                                               $8        n25

TL-1012:  Rosary pliers with cutter                                                       $9        n33

TL-1013:  Red handle half flat half round pliers                                      $8        n25

TL-1014:  Euro tool long nose pliers                                                     $8        n25

TL-1015:  Euro Tool Crimping Pliers                                                    $12      n25

TL-1016:  Mazbot flat nose padded handle pliers                                  $8        n25

TL-1017:  Euro Tool Diamond bead reamer set                                    $12      net

TL-1018:  3 pc. Bead reamer set                                                          $4        n25

TL-1019:  4 pc. Bead reamer set                                                          $8        n25

TL-1020:  Millimeter gauge                                                                   $8        n25

TL-1021:  Red handle long nose pliers                                                  $8        n25

TL-1022:  Split Ring Pliers                                                                    $8        n25